Australian manufacturing is essentially a changing global landscape. Advanced manufacturing is said to be the future of manufacturing, with huge growth is estimated in this sector. More than ever, there is a need for manufacturers to be innovative and invest in knowledge and technology to support changes.

Over the next 20 years, manufacturing in Australia is set to become highly integrated and collaborative, looking into developing design and R&D, ways to add value post-production, sustainable manufacturing with low volume, high margin customised manufacturing.

Science and technology is guaranteed to play a huge part in development, with major focus on smart robotics and automation, additive manufacturing, advanced materials and sensors and data analytics.

Michael White, Director, Hygrade explains “it’s so important that we embrace technology and anything that will help us stay ahead of the game. We have to stay innovative and tap into any industry advancements to aid us in being as efficient as we can; we must make the most of anything that can help us meet customer demand.”

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