TRUMPF’s Smart Factory Opens

TRUMPF are demonstrating how complete networking is possible, by opening the first of it’s kind: a Smart Factory. Located in Chicago, the industry leaders are showing how a fully networked production system can work. Machines, people, automation and software are now working together as one in this technology center designed by TRUMPF. TRUMPF’s Smart Factory shows first-hand how sheet metal processors can experience networked production solutions in a realistic environment.

Digital and Physical Networking

Digital networking is set make production completely transparent, therefore what’s happening in the production process is always clear – and it’s easy to improve planning. Production becomes quicker and more flexible, so in turn, processes are more controllable.

Who is the Smart Factory Intended For?

The TRUMPF Smart Factory is intended for all sheet metal processors. Small and medium sized manufacturers are the target group, especially those in the early stages of digital networking.

The Future of Manufacturing

With networked manufacturing considered to be the future of manufacturing, it’s important to understand what’s going on and where the industry is headed for 2018. The digital revolution is set to transform every link in the manufacturing value chain, including; research and development, supply chain, factory operations to sales and service.

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