Buying the right machine for your business can be tough. It’s not like buying a car where you decide on the look, colour or model – buying a machine requires a lot more thought.

It’s always best to evaluate the pros and cons of the machine and assess how it will benefit your business.

For Michael White, deciding on a Co2 Laser or a Fiber laser is a challenging decision to make. Both machines have the speed and accuracy to do the job and both produce quality products.

The differences between Co2 Lasers and Fiber Lasers are:

Co2 Laser

  • Speed – Faster than Fibre lasers in materials thicker than 5mm as the laser can be absorbed better at higher levels of incidence.
  • Quality – Quality is consistent throughout all thicknesses of material
  • Flexibility – high, suitable for all material thicknesses
  • Costs per part – reduces for materials over 5mm in thickness.
  • Safety – CO2 laser light (10µm) is absorbed by the cornea, there is no risk of irreparable damage to the retina.
  • Beam guidance – flying optics via mirrors

Fiber Laser

  • Speed – Faster than CO2 lasers in thin materials as the laser can be absorbed quickly slight lead in speed when cutting with Nitrogen (fusion cutting)
  • Quality – comparable up to 5mm
  • Flexibility – much improved with the introduction of BrightLine Fiber and CoolLine
  • Cost per part – less than the CO2 laser, mainly due to lower running costs and reduced power consumption, no laser gases required and no lense replacement
  • Safety – Strict safety precautions must be taken as the laser can pass straight through to the eye’s retina.
  • Beam guidance – fibre optics leading to less maintenance and repair costs

Researching the right machine for your business will help you increase business efficiency and in the long run save you money.

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