Hygrade Laser Profiling

Precision Pipe & Tube Laser Cutting

Lasers Have Changed the Manufacturing Process of Tubing

Today, many manual processes can be replaced with pipe laser cutting processing techniques. Using the flexibility afforded by lasers, raw tubing can be loaded into our laser tube cutter and the finished parts can be sent directly to the final assembly.

Our Pipe Laser Cutting Services

Our Rotolas capability enables precision laser tube cutting and laser box section cutting on any horizontal or vertical axis. It can laser cut complex shapes up to a maximum envelope size of 414mm. Tube thickness capabilities are 12mm Mild Steel, 6mm Stainless Steel, and 4mm Aluminium.

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Laser Tube Capabilities
  • Cutting from 20mm (Dia) to 415mm (Dia).
  • Cut to length.
  • Miters and coped cuts.
  • Hole cutouts.
  • Flow-type joints.
  • Through-tube projections.
  • Laser marking.
  • Locking tube connections.
  • Hand bend preparations.
  • New designs.
  • Odd-shaped tubes, profiles, and extrusions.
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