Laser Cutting

Precision Sheet Metal Cutting Services

High Efficiency and Exceptional Part Quality for Sheet Metal Laser Cutting.

Expertise and access to an incredible laser cutting machine can make you a good metal laser cutting company in Sydney. But… what if you need the services of an exceptional metal laser cutter?

We went above-and-beyond with our talents and resources.

Besides the years of experience and expertise of our team, our two TRUMPF L3050 5Kw machines allow us to handle even the toughest, most complicated sheet metal cutter jobs.

These machines can cut almost any material with the precision and accuracy you need. It does this by concentrating energy into a narrowly focused beam that results in low levels of excess heat, giving you high part accuracy. We’re sure you’ll see the difference and hope you choose our team for your next laser cut metal project.

TRUMPF L3050 5Kw Features
  • Cutting of up to 20mm stainless steel.
  • Cutting of up to 25mm mild steel.
  • Cutting of up to 15mm aluminum.
  • Tube processing (rotolas).
  • 1500mm x 3000mm cutting area.

The TRUMPF L3050 is an industry-defining laser metal cutting machine which is why we chose two for our shop.

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