Hygrade Laser Profiling are not just specialists in laser cutting. They offer a variety of other services to fit your every need.

Hygrade offer a bending and press brake service tailored for all your complex precision parts.

They can bend sheet metal of up to 3 metres.

Michael White, General Manager of Hygrade Laser Profiling says the TRUMPF TrumaBend V is the best in bending machinery.

“The TrumaBend V is accurate and reliable for any job. Parts are produced with minimal variance and maximum consistency, ensuring a clean integration,” he says.

Their bending and press brake capabilities extend to metal bending / folding, metal manufacturing and fabrication for a range of projects.

Being able to customise the projects to fit specific customer needs is essential in a competitive market and this is why Hygrade pride themselves on delivering a perfect product every time.

“We are efficient, yet we make sure every project that goes out to the customer is perfect,” Michael says.

If you would like any information on other services Hygrade Laser Profiling offer, click here.


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