The laser cutting industry is on the up, with significant growth predicted in the near future. Check out these five laser cutting trends to be on the look out for in 2019:

  1. Laser cutting expected to reach exceptional levels of growth in 2019 

    Industry value is estimated to reach approximately $3.77 billion by the end of the year. The growth stems from businesses starting to invest in new laser cutters to replace older technologies, while many industries and regulatory bodies are increasing their support for laser cutting.

  2. Fiber laser market projected to grow significantly

    The fiber laser cutting market is expected to grow exponentially. Compared to CO2 lasers, they are generally less expensive to maintain, easier to use, faster, and more efficient when cutting thin materials. Many businesses are favouring fiber lasers over CO2 for specific jobs. The Transparency Market Research Firm suggests that the fiber laser industry is set for a 4.6% growth rate between now and 2026.

  3. Laser cutting services need to be automated

    Lasers have fast become a critical player in the automation process. By incorporating laser cutting into manufacturing processes, productivity is significantly increased, which in turn, notably reduces overtime.

  4. Higher demand within the education sector

    More and more people want to learn, and the education sector is one of the largest purchasers of laser cutters. This area is in for significant growth, with many universities investing in laser cutting machinery.

  5. Customers want quality

    Across the manufacturing sector, demand for fast, cost-effective production processes is growing, with continuous high quality output. Competitive environments and increased use of technology mean that laser cutters are in high demand.

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