There have been exponential advances in fiber laser technology used for the purpose of laser cutting. When choosing a laser machine, there are several things to consider. A major thing to take into account is the energy consumption in fiber lasers vs CO2 lasers.

A growing interest in the industry is how we as a whole can be more energy efficient in the manufacturing space and increase the awareness of sustainable production. Laser cutting can have a considerable amount of impact on the environment, so when deciding which laser to purchase, it’s important to consider the following factors;

  • While both machines have the speed and accuracy to produce high quality products, a fiber laser is considered much more energy efficient. It costs less per part than the CO2 laser, due to lower running costs.
  • There are no laser gases required with a fiber laser, which ensures reduced power consumption and a sustainable impact level. The fiber laser is a solid state system which doesn’t require a specialised laser gas. In general, traditional CO2 lasers require much more maintenance.
  • A fiber laser is more energy efficient, creating more energy savings – for example, a 2kW fiber can cut thin materials as fast as a 4-5kW CO2.

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